Reiki Energy Training

Reiki is life-force energy. Reiki is a spiritual path as well as a hands-based healing modality.  First received by Mikao Usui in Japan, he received the healing energy as a divine transmission after a special time of cleansing in his life. Since then, it has been taught to thousands of students and has healed hundreds of thousands of people.

Josie has been practicing Reiki for 12 years. Her experience with the energy has shifted as she progressed within her self-healing and healing others. She has been teaching Reiki at the 3rd degree Sensei level for over 8 years now. Having been introduced to the energetic world at a young age, she was taught meditation first by her mother. In her own path of self-healing, she has been many things, but always comes back to the path of a teacher. She has been teaching yoga and energetic practices for over 13 years and has mentored many other teachers in walking their spiritual path. The yoga discipline of
self-inquiry and its tools to work with the energy of Reiki, have been paramount to her experiencing Source energy. She is humbled and grateful for all that has come before.

"Josie is an amazing healer. I had never experienced energy work until I worked with Josie and it truly blew my mind; the physical sensations, as well as the calming and grounding that I experienced internally.  Josie is confident and strong, combining that with being gentle and compassionate at the same time. I have no hesitation in recommending Josie. She is a joy to work with and to learn from, and I miss our sessions greatly. I am truly thankful for having met Josie and for her introduction to the beautiful energy of Reiki"
- Hannah Kennett, Dubai, UAE (Level 2 Reiki, yoga, Pilates and FRC instructor)

Our connection to energy is ever-evolving. Josie aims with her trainings to give access to all that are interested in healing themselves, healing others or teaching Reiki to others, the understandings she has received along her path. Her soul’s work is with Spirit. Her vision is to see more choosing to heal, and with their self-healing, to uplift the planet. Her mission is to share the seemingly mysterious paths of energy in as clear and inclusive a way as possible.

Bayview Studio Fitness is the hub for Josie’s certifications and trainings. In a small and intimate setting that is easily accessible, we can share our path to self-realization in the support of community.

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